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Buccheri, in the province of Syracuse, has a population of almost 2,800 people. It is laid out on a medieval plan also betraying baroque features. The city lies on the slopes of the Lauro Mount, a mountain reaching 986 metres located in south-eastern Sicily belonging to the chain of Hyblean Mountains, stretching between three provinces of Catania, Ragusa and Siracusa. Together with the adjacent mountains, Monte Lauro is part of a complex of Miocene volcanic submarine, no longer active.

According to philological studies, its name comes from the Arab Bukir, which means ox breeding.

The original village was founded in the High Middle Ages around the typical castle built at the top of the town.

It was destroyed by the earthquake in 1693 and reconstructed in a flatter spot, in Baroque style.

 It is mainly an agricultural centre, and it produces hazelnuts, cereals, citrus fruits, cork. There are also cow and sheep farms. But the farming industry, mainly concerned with the olive production, which is the town’s main income.

The most important monuments are the church of St. Mary Magdalene, the church of St. Anthony the Abbot, the Fountain of Four Channels built in the 16th century with lava stone and are also worth seeing the ruins of the ancient castle and St. Nicholas's cave.

In the town surroundings are various sites of naturalistic interest: the "Santa Maria" Wood, the "Pisano" Wood, the "Gola della Stritta", that is a canyon with numerous caves formed by erosion of San Leonardo river’s waters.

One of the characteristic festivals of Buccheri is Medfest, a medieval event that held every year in August.